Yellow Pig Day

Jackson Manor’s elders created yellow pigs out of washcloths to celebrate Yellow Pig Day. In the 1960s, a couple of mathematicians from Princeton were researching the number 17. At some point in their research, they created the concept of a yellow pig. Now, people who love math celebrate the number 17 and the yellow pig every July 17th.

Horizon Daycare Visit

Signature HealthCARE at Jackson Manor visited with Horizon Adult Day Care in McKee. We played Bingo and enjoyed each others company.

Jackson County Bookmobile Visit

We love our Jackson County Library Bookmobile. Big shout out to Georgia Million, we appreciate all that you do for us. We look forward to seeing you each month.

A Trip to the Store

Our elders took a trip to the Dollar General on the 11th. Shopping is always fun!


World Kiss Day

On Saturday, July 6th, our elders recognized World Kiss Day with an art project entitled “A Kiss is Electrifying.” Using a straw, the elders blew water colors in different directions onto a character wearing a big kiss. This made the “hair” appear to stand on end. Our residents enjoyed the activity very much.

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day was…. well, it was fun! With a cook out, carnival games, and the company of family and friends, it was a great success! Thank you to everyone who helped and to the families that came out to visit their loved ones.

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We have many widows at Jackson Manor who suffer not only the loss of their spouse, but the loss of income, the home they made together, the property they collected over time, and sometimes even the family members they married into.  On National Widows’ Day, some of our widows (and our men that want to support them) gathered to tell their personal stories and learn more about the plight of widows all around the world.  They watched videos where women from India and many other places talked about the effects becoming a widow has had in their lives.  Through this process, we learned that millions of women have everything taken from them the moment they become widowed.  They are shunned by their family and their communities.  They are no longer allowed to partake in “earthly” pleasures.  None of this takes away from the grief and loss the elders at Jackson Manor experience.  However, it merely demonstrates the importance of protecting our widows and allowing them to keep the dignity and respect they deserve.  It reminds us not to forget them.

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Gone Fishing!

Our elders here at Jackson Manor had fun fishing on one of the first sunny days we have had here in quite awhile!

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