Happy National Periodic Table Day

Thursday, February 7th, was National Periodic Table Day. To honor this, residents learned about chemical reactions by growing crystal rocks and trees for their fairy garden.

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Shopping Trip

Some of our elders opted to go shopping today at the local Dollar General. The sun was shining and the air was warm – a great enjoyment for February. Everyone had a good time and came back with lots of goodies.

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Tyner Elementary Brings in Some Sunshine

Second grade students from Tyner Elementary surprised our elders today, singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’! The students also gave the elders Valentine’s Day cards and pictures the kids colored. They left behind cookies for the staff, with a note on top that said, ‘Thank you’! Well, thank you, children. You brightened up everyone’s day here at Jackson Manor!

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The London Bridge

As part of our Timeslips project, our elders had the opportunity to paint over a London Bridge Stencil, creating a shadow of the bridge against a rainbow of colors.

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Fun with Words

We were all laughing as we created silly mad lib stories!

Happy National Puzzle Day!

Today is National Puzzle Day, so we’ve dedicated the entire day to working puzzles and trivia. Many of these puzzles were related to the Super Bowl, but not all. Every resident received a word search puzzle today. We also had a Super Bowl trivia contest. Some of our elders painted their very own jigsaw puzzle. We have a lot of smart residents here at Jackson Manor!

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