Caroling at the Manor

A group from Annville Christian Academy came a caroling at Jackson Manor today! They visited with our residents, giving them Christmas cards. We sincerely thank them for coming out! They’ve truly made our holiday season merry & brighter!

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“Through the Looking Glass”

In the style of Alice in Wonderland, “Through the Looking Glass” is a fun activity for our residents. Our residents created a special “money tree” for when they go through the “Looking Glass”. It was really a lot of fun, & we think that the residents really enjoyed themselves!

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On Her Way Home

Cora has completed a Hero’s Journey. She has completed all her therapy with grace and hard work with Jackson Manor’s wonderful therapy group. Now, she is ready for new adventures. Good Luck Cora!

Paint Everywhere!

We’re really getting into the spirit of the upcoming Senior Olympics. Our elders and stakeholders have been painting, painting, and painting. We’ve had paint everywhere!

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Voter Promotion Day

Our local Jackson County Clerk Donald Moore came by to help us promote voting. Most of the elders knew him and talked a long time with him. One of our elders, Carolyn Burns, registered to vote. Thank you to Donald Moore for coming out and making our Voter Promotion Day so nice!

Gorgeous Grandma Day

Today was National Gorgeous Grandma Day, giving us a wonderful excuse to do hair, make up, and nails. Our ladies joined together for a relaxing make over to celebrate the beautiful women they are!

Woodie Wagon Day

July 20th was National Woodie Wagon Day. Our elders enjoyed sharing their stories of driving or encountering a woodie wagon when they were younger. This day brought back many fond memories for them.


Yellow Pig Day

Jackson Manor’s elders created yellow pigs out of washcloths to celebrate Yellow Pig Day. In the 1960s, a couple of mathematicians from Princeton were researching the number 17. At some point in their research, they created the concept of a yellow pig. Now, people who love math celebrate the number 17 and the yellow pig every July 17th.

Horizon Daycare Visit

Signature HealthCARE at Jackson Manor visited with Horizon Adult Day Care in McKee. We played Bingo and enjoyed each others company.