Redwood National Park

We hope you enjoy the lyrics, selfies, and the thoughtful answers that our residents wrote about The Virtual Redwood National Park Road Trip!

We have residents Phyllis, Ona, and Robin telling us their thoughts, and showing their great pictures with the Redwoods!

Flower & Vegetables

We have some beautiful flowers and vegetables in our garden. Here are some pictures of them in our courtyard!


If you would like to donate some vegetables, just call 606-364-5197, ext: 116. We would be glad to get them, our residents love fresh garden veggies! Leave a name and number, and we’ll call you back. Thank you for your support!


Monday was Apple Turnover day, Tuesday we learn about World Kiss Day, and today we enjoyed Chocolate Day. But the Elders also enjoyed Bacon, lettuce and onion melt with cornbread. The Lettuce and onions are from our garden.

Everyone got to enjoy our feasts today!

July 4th Fireworks

We started off with a cookout for July 4th and we ended it with some awesome Fireworks. Our residents and staff enjoyed it so much. Thanks to our great Staff for going the extra mile to help our Elders enjoy this event.

Happy July 4th!

Our Virtual Road Trip this week is to the Grand Canyon

Enjoy Lorene’s imaginary road trip with her family, it’s so cute. Her picture on the postcard was her pretend self. Also, Louise has been to the Grand Canyon as a child, and she was so animated when she described it. She said she loved it but didn’t want to go back!

Happy June Birthdays

We want to wish Happy Birthday to Mary and all our other Elders who birthdays in June. We had red velvet cupcakes and ice cream for Elders and Staff to celebrate their happy day.

Virtual Road Trip to Acadia

Here are a couple of postcards the Elders made for their family to see their virtual road trip to Acadia.