An Ever After Poem

[quote style=”default” cite=”‘If the Moon Could Talk‘ A poem written by: Jackson Manor’s Residents”]

If the Moon Could Talk

Kind of Gorgeous tonight, isn’t it?
Hide; she’s coming!
Let me down; I’m tired.
What are you for?
What’s on your mind?
Don’t take my picture – I don’t look good enough.
What a beautiful world!
No. This world is a shame.
But, I’ll light your way!
Get outta here.
Hunka, hunka, burnin’ love.
I’m made of chocolate.
Shine bright tonight!
Oh! What are you doing down there?
You got me something to eat?
In the Happily Ever After, the moon says, “I’m so glad COVID is over!”[/quote] [custom_gallery source=”media: 1197″ limit=”1″ link=”lightbox” target=”self” width=”300″ height=”300″ title=”never”] With almost 100% participation, our elders wrote a poem. Each elder contributed one stanza or sentence to the poem, then passed it onto the next person.