Game Time!

The elders had a great time playing leap frog and checkers on Monday!

What a Ball!

Our elders had a blast tossing a beach ball around to one another on Monday!

Planting Fall Flowers

We had a beautiful day to plant our flowers today! We planted pansies and placed mums in the courtyard. It’s so beautiful out there now! We also replaced the flowers in our fairy display.

Adding to our Eden Tree

The elders and facility celebrated by adding four more leaves to our Eden tree! We are so proud of everyone’s help in making our home even more special. Afterward, we had an ice cream party, yum!

We made Monkey Bread today! Some had never had it before, but we all agreed it was delicious!

Lillian had a Science Project with our Elders making Slime with glow-in-the-dark glitter glue. They had lots of laughs making it and then playing with it!

Special Moments

Our Elder Lorene Adkins is always making items for people, but this was such a special moment when she presented one of our campers, Millie Thompson with a homemade old fashioned hat, apron and bag. Millie loved it. So did we, just seeing this special moment between an Elder and young camper.

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Fun at Camp Jackson

Our elders and kids have had a lot of fun this week. We had the game, “Pie in the face” which was a big hit. Squirt guns, water balloons, and pool to cool down.

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